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With years of experience treating foot conditions, such as removing hard skin, cutting long nails and managing diabetic feet, you can trust us with your foot health.

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the Foot Clinic is a family-run practice that has been treating feet for over 25 years

First established by Janet Leggett in 2000, the clinic has now been passed down to her nephew, Nathan Leggett during 2020.

the foot clinic 65A High Street Aldershot GU111BY

Outside the foot clinic

The clinic can be found on the High Street and is wheelchair accessible. It is the same level street access for ease of entry.

Interior image of the foot clinic Aldershot, Hampshire.

Inside the foot clinic

A modern and high-quality foot care clinic, boasting two treatment areas with comfortable height adjustable treatment couches.

Clinisept plus podiatry products used at the foot clinic Aldershot

Specific podiatry products

Clinispet + Podiatry is specifically designed with your feet in mind and used pre and post foot cleaner.

hospital grade sterilisation at the foot clinic aldershot using autoclave

Sterilisation & disinfection

All surgical steel equipment used in our foot services is hospital-grade sterilised and we use Clinell surface wipes which are a mainstay in NHS hospitals.

disabled access and same level access from on-street parking making getting to the foot clinic for wheelchair users and those with disabilities easy.

Easy access

We have convenient street side parking and same level access, making visiting with a walking aid or wheelchair much easier.

Trust our team to look after the health & comfort of your feet.

Our team has received extensive training to allow them to care for your foot care needs in a safe and comfortable manner.

Booking an appointment is quick & easy.

With our online booking system showing live real-time availability, booking an appointment for chiropody, podiatry, or general foot and nail care could not be easier. Alternatively, we are always on the telephone should you wish to give us a call.

Nail cutting in Aldershot

Foot Clinic
nail cutting
– £30 –

This is a simple toenail cutting and filing service to keep your nails short, safe and manageable. Toenails are generally cut every 6-8 weeks by our Foot Health Practitioner & Podiatrist.

Hard skin removal chiropody treatment in Aldershot.

Foot Clinic
hard skin, corns & nails
– £45 –

Hard skin, corns, callus, thickened toenails and fungal toenails. Toenail trimming and filing are also carried out during this comprehensive foot care treatment. Ingrowing toenails and verruca are separate bookable services.

Fungal Toenails

Foot Clinic
Fungal nails
– £45 –

Fungal nail treatment and management. We offer several options for the treatment and management of fungal nail infections also known as Onychomycosis.

verruca treatment in Aldershot

Foot Clinic
verruca treatment
– from £45 – 

Treatment of verruca and warts can be challenging, therefore we offer several options for verruca treatment and management. We specialise in verruca treatment using methods such as debulking and reduction to acid-based treatments and verruca needling which is a very effective minor surgical option.

Ingrowing toenail

Foot Clinic
ingrowing toenails
– £55 –

Ingrowing toenails can be painful and unpleasant, they can also cause excessive surrounding skin growth and lead to infection, requiring antibiotics.  Podiatrists, Chiropodists and Foot Health Practitioners specialise in the treatment and removal of ingrown nails.

hospital grade sterilisation at the foot clinic aldershot using autoclave

Foot Clinic
nail surgery
– £300 –

Persistent problems with ingrowing toenails that cause pain and infection. An initial consultation with our Podiatrist with treatment of any acute problem will be performed and eligibility for nail surgery carried out.

Diabetic foot check using a Doppler on ankle pulse

Foot Clinic
diabetic foot assessment
– £45 –

As diabetic feet need to be carefully looked after, we offer regular diabetic foot assessments by our Foot Health Practitioner and Podiatrist and recommend treatments to help keep your feet safe and comfortable.

One of Aldershot’s busiest Chiropody & Podiatry clinics in the centre of town.

Affordable foot treatments available to book online.

Our Podiatrist has experience of working in both the private sector and within the NHS; you can trust the foot clinic in Aldershot to take care of your foot care needs and offer treatments and advice to keep you walking comfortably.

Our team of health professionals

Chiropodists, Podiatrists and Foot Health Practitioners are health care professionals and are trained to treat a wide range of conditions, from minor foot problems to general maintenance. Podiatrists are additionally qualified to perform more advanced procedures, including minor nail surgery. We play a crucial role in helping individuals maintain their mobility and quality of life by treating and preventing foot and ankle problems.


Our Podiatrist is registered with this regulatory body which keeps standard & patient care high.

Royal College of Podiatry

Our Podiatrist is a full member of the Royal College of Podiatry and they provide his insurance & public liability.


We use this multi-award-winning podiatry product within our clinic to help keep feet healthy & safe.

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